Founded in 1996, Webcraft is an Internet based software development company. Our mission is to use cutting edge cloud technology to help businesses grow and improve their operations.

Our History

Founder Keith Gauci was behind some of the earliest data driven web portals on the web during the nineties while still a university student. These included ExploreMalta (a general interest search engine and portal about Malta) and TheSynapse (an online community portal for medical professionals). From there, he went on to create a business that would pioneer practical cloud computing.

It was 1996 and the concept of cloud utility computing was still in its infancy. Still, Webcraft was born to deliver cutting edge cloud business apps from the onset, beating many global industry leaders to the deployment of commercial cloud application software.

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Our Solutions

Over the years, we have developed a vast range of business software for customers in many industries including retail, health, manufacturing and automotive. Today we provide ready-made, off the shelf software solutions from our catalogue as well as develop tailor-made apps to meet the specific needs of our customers.


We build powerful business websites that generate interest and engage customers.

Webcraft develops corporate websites, portals, mobile responsive sites, Intranet sites and much more for its customers in industries such as automotive, insurance and health.

Business Apps

Our WorkSpace™ Cloud platform delivers lightweight apps to run virtually all your business.

From powerful content management systems to web-based accounting and inventory, our eco system of integrated business apps are at your fingertips.


Selling your products on the Internet will change your business, forever...

We enable businesses to leverage the Internet to sell their products online. Building your product catalogue, accepting online orders, processing online payments and delivery operations, we provide a total solution that pays for itself.


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 Our Platform

At the heart of the solutions we deliver is a robust infrastructure platform that provides the safe and reliable environment for our customers to work and use every day.

WorkSpace™ Cloud

All our customers are familiar with the WorkSpace™ web-based business apps and the friendly environment which they use everyday to run their business. Our WorkSpace™ Cloud platform is a unique software platform which we operate and provide to our customers within a fully managed service through the web. In operation since 1996, the platform is continuously updated and improved and provides an ever growing list of ready-made and tailored apps.

Find out more about WorkSpace

Data Centre

The solutions we deliver to our customers include the hosting, maintenance and support services they require. We therefore operate a state-of-the art data centre that includes the infrastructure, redundancy, backups and engineering services needed to operate and monitor the business critical software we deliver.

Find out more about the Webcraft Data Centre

Our Promise

Having been around for longer than most in this business, we have learnt that having the best software technology is not enough. We understand that no matter how good the technology, the success of a business solution depends on the quality of the service and support that goes with it.

We promise to keep you, our customer at the centre of our business decisions by providing the best professional service, communications and support… not just software.