What Is An API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows different software systems to talk and work together, such as over the Internet. An API provides a simple way to access data and functions from within one system from another. This makes it possible for developers of one system to make use and embed functions from other existing software or to share openly with partners or the public.


Introducing WorkSpace API

Our popular WorkSpace 2 Cloud platform is a cloud based software platform that provides a vast range of apps and tools, such as content management, ecommerce, CRM and accounting. Whilst these web-based apps are used by humans though a browser, the same apps and facilities can also be used by third party software, such as those running on your own website or at the office, using the WorkSpace API.

Who Is It For?

The API is intended to allow software developers to produce their own software whilst embedding and using existing WorkSpace applications and functions. It is also useful when connecting diverse software systems into one centralised view or core business platform. For example, WorkSpace accounting suite is ideal to store and track sales transactions and data coming from multiple sources such as your ecommerce website, shops and mobile apps. These can all be seamlessly integrated into a single business platform using the WorkSpace API, securely and efficiently.

Tech Stuff

The API is an extension to the WorkSpace Cloud Framework and is provided as an open interface using industry standard protocols over Internet. The web services can be used for data interchange or embedding of WorkSpace apps and functions directly into third party applications using any modern programming language, eliminating the need for any human intervention.

The WorkSpace API framework utilizes XML based communications using the SOAP industry specification. Services are provided exclusively over secure SSL connections providing encryption of all data transmission.


Each API facility is provided with extensive integration documentation and guides to help developers start using the facilities in a very short time.

  • Should you wish to find out more about WorkSpace API and how you can make use of this to improve your business please contact your Webcraft representative.