When helping our customers develop and run their online business, we often end up discussing a loyalty strategy. How do we attract, retain and grow the customer base? Our new E-Vouchers app is designed to do just that – enabling you to build a reward mechanism into your online shop or site to keep your customers coming back.

What Is A Loyalty Strategy?

Businesses of all sizes strive to engage with their existing customers with the aim of retaining them as well as to gain new ones. An effective loyalty strategy involves ongoing activities that are designed to reward customers for their loyalty to your brand. This in turn reduces customer loss (to the competition) as well as results in new customer gains. Here is one way to do just that.

Announcing WorkSpace E-Vouchers

Thumb1Our new E-Vouchers Cloud app is a great tool to build and run an online customer reward program on your website or online shop. The app works closely with your WorkSpace ecommerce apps and helps you issue, track and manage electronic vouchers.

An E-Voucher is a digital code or virtual certificate that can be issued to loyal customers as a reward for any action or running campaign. Each of these codes can be redeemed once (single-use) in the form of discounts or other benefits directly on your online store or given away as gifts to others.
About The WorkSpace Cloud Platform

Existing users of the WorkSpace Cloud platform will already know that you can run and manage virtually all your business software and processes in one place on this virtual office environment. From inventory management to accounting, from sales orders to content publishing, it all happens here. The WorkSpace suite of apps work together to provide a seamless, hassle free business software ecosystem that make your business work harder and smarter.

E-Vouchers is the latest app added to our WorkSpace Cloud platform and integrates with our existing ecommerce apps. Customers using WorkSpace to run and manage their online shop can already benefit from the E-Vouchers app from within the friendly WorkSpace platform.