Webcraft is a web development house. We build and deliver business software solutions that work over the Internet to customers anywhere in the world. These include developing corporate websites, portals as well as business application such as accounting and messaging.


Webcraft has been developing business websites since 1996 for customers around the EU, primarily in the UK, Italy and Malta. Our team has a vast experience in designing, developing and running online (mobile responsive) websites for small and large organisations. We also provide all the software tools required to maintain and operate websites, such as Content Management Systems (CMS) and Campaign Management software. Beyond the technology, our website packages can include digital marketing, search engine optimisation and consultancy as required.

Business Apps

Based on our popular WorkSpace™ Cloud platform, we offer a catalogue of business applications such as accounting, inventory and messaging that can be used within the office to streamline operations as well as to integrate virtually all aspects of your business into a single, web-based software solution. Our lightweight and secure Cloud platform ensures that your business data and applications are accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Webcraft operates numerous online shopping sites that act as effective sales channels for our customers. These sites enable businesses to run an online shop just like you would run a physical one. We build transactional websites that bring customers to your products, allow then to purchase and pay online and provide the tools and software system for the business to process orders efficiently.

Tailor-Made Software

So you have a great idea for a software system that will help your business? Webcraft utilises its technology resources, secure cloud platform and expertise to build tailor-made software systems for customers. These customised apps often link up and use existing apps to form a unified business application platform that can change and grow to fit your precise needs.

Our software development methods and experience allows us to build complex software products very quickly and effectively. Our typical delivery times are measured in weeks and we are able to provide constant interactive feedback to our customers throughout the build.