Webcraft delivers mission critical business software solutions. We therefore know how important your data and apps are for your business and we make sure to provide a safe and secure technology environment for the peace of mind of our customers.

Our Data Centre

Webcraft operates a state of the art data centre facilities that are used to deploy and run all customer applications such as websites, cloud apps and online shops. The infrastructure is provided as a shared platform that is used and enjoy by our customers, delivering outstanding performance and reliability whilst lowering ongoing costs for our users.

Technical Features

The technical capabilities and features of our data centre are constantly evolving and improving as we upgrade and improve our facilities in order to maintain an optimum service. However here are the key features available to our users today:

High Availability Server Farm

All web systems deployed are simultaneously served from multiple symmetric servers to guarantee uptime and server availability at all times. This includes server maintenance or scheduled downtime. Load capacity on our servers is also closely monitored by our engineering team.

Managed Load-Balanced Network

Webcraft operates a modern network environment providing a high level of network resilience and traffic management for our clients. Network management features include automatic load balancing, fault detection and tolerance and bandwidth management.

Software Management

All software systems developed and deployed by Webcraft include full warranty and free upgrades to ensure that no client suffers from obsolete investments or software bugs. The Webcraft software development team maintains a structured and organized software management policy to provide all clients with constant attention and support. In addition, all customers are automatically informed or any upgrades and improvements available for their systems as well as any known problems.

Technical Support

Qualified and experienced systems engineers man the Webcraft infrastructure setup 24 hours a day, all year round. This means that any technical problems are quickly resolved and overall quality of service is guaranteed.

Data & Data Services

Software solutions deployed within the Webcraft data centre enjoy the services of a state-of-the art database architecture that provides extremely high performance levels and data services. Our industry-standard database systems provide our clients with unrivalled performance levels for their applications as well as peace of mind. Services include automatic full data backups, data encryption and storage facilities.

Firewalls & Security

Your data is probably safer on our platform than anywhere within your organization. Through our technology sharing model, our clients enjoy access to an impressive range of security technologies that help to make your data as safe as possible and ensure a consistent service throughout your business. Webcraft systems are protected by the latest generation of Firewall systems, network intrusion detection systems and other mechanisms designed to promote a truly safe environment to operate your business.

Internet Bandwidth

Depending on specific needs, clients can opt for different connection bandwidths and service levels. The Webcraft primary setup offers high quality backbone connections with multiple international data carriers to offer maximum quality and reliability at all times.


A large variety of technical and non-technical features of our setup have been designed to make our offer as technically solid and cost effective as possible. Some of the additional features of our setup include physical and logical security measures such as biometric access control, state of the art fire detection and suppression systems, uninterrupted power supply and generators and much more.

Our Partners

Webcraft works closely with other industry leaders for data centre, software products and infrastructure to ensure the best of breed components of our services as well as to be able to grow and scale our infrastructure as required.

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