At Webcraft we are always on the lookout for talented people with a broad set of skills who share our vision and values. We take great pride in building a great team where we do exciting stuff, while having fun along the way.

If you are interested to join our team, here is a good place to start.

Technical Team

Being part of our technical team means being part of Webcraft's beating heart.

Our technical team enjoys being on the forefront of technology, keeping abreast with the latest industry trends and products. We employ software and hardware specialists to develop and deliver our cutting edge solutions whilst researching the solutions of the future. Web and software developers, database administrators and UI designers are some of the people that make up this team.

Project Management

Project management means getting our projects right, for us, but mostly for our customers.

Success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers and this means open communication, business insight and time management among other factors. We do follow industry project management standards; however we mostly value people who are committed in what they do.

Customer Support

Meeting customers every day, our support team's goal is to be close to the people who entrust us with their business.

Customer support team members are excellent communicators and can explain our technology to the people who need it. They are also smart and sharp, helping customers find solutions to their varied problems, every day.

Sales & Marketing

Webcraft's international sales team requires people with an open mind and high level of personal energy.

Managing a network of corporate customers around Europe, this team focuses on managing existing customer accounts whilst working to acquire new prospects. Adopting a consultative sales style, the team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in their field and add value to customers through their constant advice and keen attitude.


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