WorkSpace 1 was launched over a decade ago, and is still serving customers around the world with apps to manage their websites and run their business on the net. The popular WorkSpace platform has constantly been upgraded and updated during these years to keep up with the moving technology and customer requirements. However, a bold all-new platform has now arrived to take the WorkSpace platform to a whole new level.


As the latest edition of the WorkSpace platform, this is our richest and most powerful business software platform featuring the widest range of apps and tools to power your enterprise. Whilst based on the success and key features of our previous popular WorkSpace 1 platform, the new edition brings a whole new level of functionality and usability to business users and greatly increases the range of apps and functions available.

Exciting Upgrade Offers

The efficiency and user-friendliness of Workspace 2 is one great reason for customers, currently working on WorkSpace 1, to take advantage of Webcraft’s offers to move to the new WorkSpace 2 platform. Existing customers benefit from upgrade incentives and plans designed to make migrating easy and cost effective. Read on for details.

Standard Applications

Standard apps are upgraded free of charge while offering all the benefits, through which you may discover unique features and options available on the new platform. Therefore users of WorkSpace standard apps, such as Web Publisher, CRM Messenger and SMS Messaging are eligible for a free instant upgrade to the equivalent apps in WorkSpace 2.

Custom Applications

Users of tailor-made applications running on WorkSpace 1 can also opt to move their apps to the new platform to leverage the new interface and tools. This is also a great time to improve or enhance your custom apps with new features you may need or other additions. Customers will benefit from specially reduced prices for custom web development as part of your migration to WorkSpace 2.

Training Provided 

Webcraft is now offering free live and pre-recorded webinars that can help you and your staff get started and become familiar with the new edition of the platform as well as individual apps. These sessions are ideal for new users as well as existing customers migrating from the older WorkSpace1 platform.

In order to participate you will need an Internet connection (broadband would be great) and the free Skype messenger software ( installed. Our live sessions will make use of screen sharing to allow participants to get a hands on and practical view of the apps and how each works.

Upgrade Now 

There is nothing wrong with change, as long as it is in the right direction. Go ahead and get in touch with your Webcraft representative to learn more about the upgrade options available to you and to plan your WorkSpace upgrade.