Webcraft announced today the launch of TurnToWeb (www.turntoweb.com) a new cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning platform. The TurnToWeb range of solutions bring together a wide variety of financial, management and core accounting applications into a single web-based view of your entire business.

Seamless Integration

Running on Webcraft’s WorkSpace™ Cloud platform the TurnToWeb ERP software integrates fully with all other WorkSpace business apps to provide a truly fully integrated accounting solution, ideal to power your online shop or transactional website. This seamless integration greatly simplifies your internal processes, enabling you focus on your core businesses whilst leveraging the Internet to connect and automate virtually all your business operations.


ERp screen 1


Accounting For E-Commerce

Businesses today adopt the Internet as an effective sales channel through their own transactional ecommerce websites. Our Cloud ERP unifies your accounting to include web, mobile and in-store transactions offering a truly complete core accounting solution as well as providing a wide range of management apps, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Key Components

The TurnToWeb ERP platform is designed to replace your many isolated software and paper systems with a single business app, in the cloud. Your ERP solution may consist of any combination of core accounting, CRM, messaging and tailor-made modules from our range.

Here are the key components:

Sales & Billing
In-Store POS
General Ledger
API Open Integration

No Server, no installation… no hassle

TurnToWeb Cloud ERP solutions get your business working in no time, merging ready-made and tailored software modules.

Stay connected and access all your data and apps over the Internet from the office or on the move using your computer or mobile device.

Enhance audit and control with a single security and permission system for all your sensitive data as well as benefit from a global audit trail for all your activity.

Other Benefits

Reliable cloud platform since 1996
Fixed monthly costs, no upfront investment
Enhanced security and automated backups
Full warranty on software bugs
Regular free updates and improvements
Tailored add-ons and apps available