As more customers worldwide prefer to use the Internet to conduct their research and learn about products and services, companies must be equipped to communicate and serve customers online. Any business website that generates interest and enquiries from potential customers must also act as an effective communications channel that generates sales leads and sales.

Small and large businesses benefit from an effective communications platform by ensuring a timely and consistent handling of customer enquiries as well as through accurate tracking of sales leads and opportunities.

Introducing CRM Messenger

CRM Messenger is a cloud based software package designed to help you manage your company’s communications with your customers. Powerful messaging, tracking and routing utilities assist your staff to efficiently process customer enquiries as well as ensure a professional and consistent approach. In addition, CRM Messenger will help you get to know your customer’s better through Case histories and linking to your contact database.


Team Based Communication

Enable teams of people to handle any volume of enquiries from your website. CRM Messenger automatically routes messages to pools of people for efficient processing.

Replace Email Software

Share and centralise all your messages without relying on email software to build a single communications database for your customers accessible to all your staff.

Case History & Tracking

Build and access case history to ensure no enquiries are lost and facilitate workflow of cases within your teams.

Canned Responses

Prepare packaged or canned responses to serve as templates for common questions of enquiries to ensure consistence and standards.

Shared Documents

Share a repository of handy documents to attach with outgoing messages such as corporate brochure or forms.

Management Key Indicators

Key indicators provide managers with real-time statistics and reports to keep an eye on communication performance at a glance.

CRM Messenger is delivered as a cloud based software service that can be accessed though the Webcraft WorkSpace web-based platform. This means that the software can be accessed over the Internet from anywhere and requires no software or hardware installation on your side. The application is ideal for use by a mobile sales force or for staff who work from multiple locations or from home.