In today's digital era, customer reviews hold immense power over brand perception and consumer behaviour. Businesses that prioritize customer feedback and actively engage with reviews reap significant benefits in terms of their online reputation, customer loyalty, and overall growth. The primary reason for this is that today's customers refer to reviews to build confidence in a brand prior to making a purchase.  Both positive and negative reviews present an opportunity to show future customers that your business cares and strives to deliver a great service.


"92.4% of consumers use reviews to guide most of their purchasing decisions." 

Forbes Aug 2022

“People will choose a product with more reviews over a similar product with a higher rating but fewer reviews.”

Study from the Association for Psychological Science


Depending on your volume of reviews, keeping up with incoming ratings and feedback from customers can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Monitoring customer sentiment, across your multiple channels and platforms may quickly become a daunting task and keeping up with responses with properly crafted content may be hard to achieve.

Introducing CRM Reviews

CRM Reviews is a new software app, part of the WorkSpace Cloud ecosystem of cloud business apps. It is designed to help organisations collect reviews from Google and other review platforms into one place for easy management and oversight. It also includes tools created specifically for your customer care team to automate and simplify their tasks, whilst giving management control over company policies, response times and much more.

Key Features

Collect Reviews In A Single View

The app will automatically collect incoming reviews from supported* review platforms to present a single view of all feedback from a single app. This is convenient to maintain overall visibility across your different channels, departments, platforms etc., saving you having to login to multiple places all the time.

Sentiment Analysis

The CRM Reviews app will display your global rating score for your business across all platforms, allowing you to keep an eye on what customers think about your product or service. In addition, real-time reports enable you to drilldown ratings by their source to identify changes or anomalies over any time period.

Ai-Powered Responders

Automate replies to selected incoming reviews using the power of AI. Auto Responders are trained to act as part of your customer care team to take over repetitive (but important) tasks such as responding to 4- or 5-star reviews. Machine learning can efficiently automate this process by applying industry knowledge to produce human-like responses, any time of day, in any language.

Not all customer reviews can be processed by AI, whereby some reviews require human intervention, such as when handling complaints. Here too, CRM Reviews has you covered by automatically notifying your team of such events that require manual processing.

Tailored Ai-Training

Our Ai-Responders can be trained specifically to meet your specific business needs, enforcing company policies, brand and tone across responses. It can even be used to apply advanced business rules such as for upselling or other requirements that are unique to your organization.

Ask For Reviews

Increase the number of reviews for your organization by sending out email invitations to customers after they make a purchase. CRM Reviews provides you with the tools you need to integrate this process within your sales process. Using branded email templates, sending our review invitations can be as easy as a mouse click.

Share Rating and Reviews On Your Website

Use our ready-made widgets to easily display your rating or latest reviews on your website. Our widgets are quick and easy to embed on any website and will get you up and running in minutes.

CRM Reviews also includes an advanced API to enable direct connection to your back-office software to further automate and exchange review data and invites.