Mobile messaging has been around for years now, and has developed into an effective marketing and communications channel. Astute businesses have quickly realized the potential of this medium to send out timely and targeted messages to their customers directly on their mobile phones. Needless to say, mobile phones are so pervasive today that are indeed taken for granted.

Gallery1WorkSpace™ SMS Text Messenger

Stay in touch with your customers and contacts by means of personal and instant SMS text messages. The SMS Text Messenger app enables you to send out short text messages directly to mobile phones, from within your friendly WorkSpace™ applications. You can even connect your own website or web software to generate automated SMS messaging through the WorkSpace API connector.

2-Way Text Messaging

Businesses can do much more than just send out text messages. 2-Way Messaging enables your business to add mobile text messaging to the variety of incoming communication channels available to your customers. Whether to collect enquiries, bookings or run surveys, 2-way messaging allows you to truly connect with customers by both sending out targeted messages as well as to collect, track and respond to customer feedback, all in real time.


Bulk text messaging is history, and customers know it. Text messaging can today be hugely more effective when used as a personalized communication channel, sending out information that is relevant to each receiver. When combined with 2-way messaging, personalization opens up exciting new applications for businesses to interact with customers in a one-to-one fashion, increasing effectiveness and indeed customer perception and loyalty.

Getting creative with 2-way SMS mobile messaging is easy with the right (clever) tools.