Think about it. Your business runs multiple isolated software systems and paper based processes. Some run on your workstations, others on your office server or even on the Cloud. This fragmentation is the main cause of data duplication, manual data entry and human error, and a very common scenario within most organisations. It also increases the risk of data theft and data loss for your organisation.

Just imagine how more efficient, safe and effective your business would be if you only had one software platform to run all your business operations. Your public website or online shop, product catalogue, orders, deliveries, inventory, accounting and other processes could all be running within one seamless environment. Beyond the improved efficiency, reduced staff training and increased security, you could also finally get a truly single view of your entire business from one place.

Introducing WorkSpace™ Cloud

WorkSpace™ Cloud platform is a safe and secure environment that can run virtually any type of business software on the Internet. An eco-system of ready made software applications is instantly available for you pick and choose from to start enjoying a seamless business environment. From website publishing tools to accounting, CRM, inventory and much more, the unified software platform can bring together virtually all your business processes in one system, giving you a management tool that provides a single clear view of all your business operations.

Tailor-Made Apps

With many years of experience in developing business software systems for organisations of all sizes, we develop and deliver custom-made software solution for your customers. Whilst these apps will work just as you need them, you will still benefit from the safe and friendly WorkSpace Cloud environment. You can also build a hybrid solution that brings together a unique combination of ready-made and tailored software apps.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the benefits your business enjoys when working within the WorkSpace™ Cloud platform:

Fully Managed Software Environment

Our customers choose to work with us because they are busy running their core business and don’t want to be bogged down by technical issues.

Our software platform is available as a fully managed, hosted and maintained package that includes all the tools and services you will need to ensure you are up and running 24/7.


Your data and apps are probably safer with us than anywhere else within your organisation.

Some people think that by storing and keeping their sensitive data within the walls of their business this is somehow safer. However, today’s connected world requires constant investment and improvements in digital security that few businesses can afford on their own. Our shared software platform enables you to outsource this critical function to enjoy the cutting edge security systems offered by WorkSpace™ and our specialized team.

Ready-Made Apps

The WorkSpace™ catalogue offers a wide range of ready made business software apps that are robust and in use by organisations around the world.

Our apps can be a great way to get started and quickly adopt world-class software to replace paper-based or other systems within your own business. This will enable you to quickly move your software systems to the Cloud and gain functions and facilities beyond your immediate needs.

Tailored Software

Integrate custom-made software apps into your WorkSpace™ software environment.

We can study your requirements to build software that meets your precise business needs. In addition, these solutions will work and integrate seamlessly with other ready-made and tailored apps we build. You will also enjoy the same level of service, backups and warranty as all other apps within WorkSpace™.

Pay As You Go

A flexible licensing system ensures that you only pay for the services and facilities you use.

WorkSpace™ licensing provides scalable pricing that allows you to start as small as you need and only increase your costs as your business grows. Most WorkSpace™ plans require neither up-front costs nor a long term commitment.

Rapid Deployment

Our delivery timescales is usually measured in weeks, not months or years.

Leveraging the selection of apps available over WorkSpace, all solutions can be tailored to meet your precise business requirements. In addition the WorkSpace development architecture provides for very rapid deployment times giving you a very short time-to-market.


Get Started

Does this sound too good to be true?  Then get in touch with us and we will be happy to listen to your business requirements and demonstrate what we could do for you. We enjoy sharing our many years of experience to suggest the best fitting solutions and ideas with startups and established businesses alike.