Tablets are becoming more and more popular and more people spend their business and leisure-time browsing on mobile devices and smart phones instead of a computer. In turn, businesses must gear their online presence to take advantage of these channels to serve customers and to attract new business.

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Webcraft was commissioned to develop and improve the (already) popular website for car dealer JT Hughes with tablet-optimized navigation and information presentation. Acting as a primary sales channel for the company, the website is a key source of services and information for buyers looking for Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hyundai cars in the west midlands.

“A mouse and keyboard are no longer a pre-requisite for browsing the Internet, as more and more people use their smart mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Customers therefore demand good performance and accessibility through their finger touch screens” says Linda Wallwork, project leader at Webcraft. “Customers expect to find what they want, literally, at their finger tips. That is what we tried to achieve with this new website revamp for”.

The new JT Hughes website was developed in partnership with digital agency Positive Advertising and compliments the company’s existing digital strategy, including mobile site and online services which keep the dealership on the forefront of the industry.

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