About Salop Leisure

Salop Leisure stated life in 1966 and for over forty years has grown to become one of the most prominent businesses in its sector serving customers all over the UK. The company specializes in caravans and caravan supplies and services providing a truly one-stop-shop for holiday makers.



The Project

Following a massive 5 million pound investment in the company's new showroom facilities, the company embarked on a new project to upgrade its online presence and services. The aim was to provide the same high level of service and quality to customers online as was provided through the showrooms as well as to take advantage of the Internet to develop new service models and revenue streams for the business.

Webcraft was selected together with local partners Positive Advertising, to develop and operate a new corporate web portal for Salop Leisure.

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Our Solution

Webcraft worked closely with the client to deliver a modern website that provided the technical solutions to power the digital marketing aims of the company.

Webcraft's solution takes advantage of the WorkSpace™ platform to provide a total web solution for Salop Leisure as well as opportunities for growth in the future. The solution includes the design and development of a new web portal to offer information and services to customers as well as data capture and profiling of customer traffic.

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The new web portal implements a wide range of search engine optimization (SEO) technologies to take full advantage of search engines to bring traffic to the site. In addition, CRM applications collect and route customer communications and help the company's sales and support staff to handle and track customer communications with ease. In particular, Webcraft's unique CRM Messenger application enables Salop Leisure to effectively and easily handle large volumes of customer enquiries.

Webcraft's CRM Messenger helps Salop Leisure to handle and respond to large volumes of customer enquiries efficiently.

Salop Leisure MobileMobile Web

Webcraft produced a dedicated mobile optimised site for Salop Leisure that provides content and services specifically for mobile users.

As smartphones and tablets become ever more popular with customers, particularly in this market, the company decided to invest in mobile web to deliver rich media content, such as product video, to take advantage of mobile technologies.

Solution Components

Powered by Webcraft's WorkSpace Cloud platform, the key components of the solution delivered to Salop Leisure include:

Corporate website design and development
Web content management (CMS)
Inventory management
CRM Suite
Customer profiling and data capture
Search Engine Optimisation
Mobile Web

You can find out more about these at www.webcraft.com.mt/solutions


About Webcraft

Webcraft has been building successful hosted business solutions since 1996. It offers bespoke and fully integrated cloud-based IT solutions for the small to medium-sized enterprise. From fully customisable website development to accounting packages and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and everything in between, Webcraft's solution is unique because you, as the customer, can benefit from the comfort of having an easy-to-use dashboard - Workspace™ - which can act as the hub for all your IT applications.