About BizGifts

BizGifts is an online brand developed and operated by the well known company UV Print. The website was developed to promote the new business as well as to provide a complete digital catalogue to all customers over the web.

As a long established organisation, UV Print chose Webcraft to develop its online presence and online catalogue.

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Our Solution

Powered by the new WorkSpace 2 platform, Webcraft delivered a complete online catalogue solution for BizGifts. A media rich website enables customers to browse and search through the extensive range of products whilst viewing detailed information and photography. In addition, administration staff use our popular Content Management System (CMS) to take control of all content, load and maintain the catalogue as well as publish seasonal promotions.

“The tools and software we provide are just a small part of formula. Of course the technology must be solid, but we also listen and understand the business to ensure that we meet the customers’ expectations.”
Francesca Sultana, project manager at Webcraft


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“Not only did Webcraft deliver a great solution, but also displayed a high level of professional competence throughout the project. We intend to recommend them to anyone requiring high quality ICT.”
Hilary Caruana, MD at UV Print.


About Webcraft

Since 1996, Webcraft has a vast experience in setting up and developing websites for corporate customers of all sizes.