Smart phones and mobile broadband are today becoming commonplace with global statistics showing a clear trend towards this new medium. Millions of people are today using their smart phones such as Apple’s popular iPhone, Google’s Android and Windows Mobile to search and access information as well as buy products and services online.

Webcraft’s Mobile Web is a fully integrated solution that enables your website to automatically detect mobile visitors and target them with mobile optimized content and services. Beyond presenting content in a mobile friendly way, Mobile Web can be used to roll-out and offer mobile specific services, taking advantage of the capabilities of modern smart phones and devices.

Gallery1Smart Mobile Detection

Our automatic mobile detection system enables your website to detect modern mobile devices and to direct each visitor to optimized content and services. This means that Mobile Web will extend the reach of your existing website and domain name to mobile customers without the need to promote a new or different internet address.

Content Optimisation

Mobile devices have different requirements and limitations than standard desktop computers. For example, most are operated using touch screen technology (instead of a mouse) and some have very limited screen sizes. Mobile Web offers web optimized interfaces to allow visitors to make full use of your site, maximising usability and the overall customer experience. Mobile Web is capable of offering virtually any type of content such as text, images and movies whilst supporting a very wide range of popular smart devices and phones.

Mobile Specific Applications

Mobile Web will not just replicate your website for mobile consumption but can actually help your organisation build and operate mobile specific services. Mobile users often use their phone of tablet in very different ways and for different reasons than a computer, and similarly your mobile services should offer targeted functions. Often, content heavy pages are replaced with quick and direct access to key functions such as buying or logging in to help mobile users get what they need. Mobile security is also a key feature of Mobile Web allowing you to deploy security demanding or sensitive applications such as Mobile Commerce using the same robust security platform available on conventional websites.