What Is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software system that brings together data and applications across an entire organisation. From finance to customer information; and from inventory to messaging, an ERP solution increases productivity and efficiency through automation and improved management.

Introducing WorkSpace Cloud ERP

WorkSpace™ Cloud ERP brings together a wide variety of financial, management and operational applications into a single, web-based view of your business. This seamless integration can greatly simplify your internal processes, enabling you to focus on your core business whilst leveraging the Internet to connect and automate virtually all your operations. 

Accounting for E-Commerce

Businesses are today adopting the Internet as an effective sales channel through their own transactional e-commerce websites.

Cloud ERP unifies your accounting  to include web, mobile and in-store transactions into one view of your business.  You can in fact automate virtually all your sales data processing using our Open API to eliminate duplicate data entry and human errors.

No Servers, No Installation, No Backups... No Hassle

Cloud ERP solutions get your business working in no time, merging key software components into one unified platform. 

Stay connected and access all your data  and apps over the Internet from the office or on the move using your computer or mobile device. 

Enhance audit and control with a single security and permission system for all your data as well as a global audit trail for all your business activity.



Key Components

WorkSpace Cloud ERP is designed to replace your many isolated software and paper systems with a single business app in the cloud. Each setup can contain accounting, CRM, messaging as well as tailor-made applications.  Here is a list of some of the key capabilities of this package:

Sales & Billing

The Sales app records all your sales transactions including customer billing, invoicing and payment receipts. It also provides key reporting and statistics related to sales and debtor management.


The Inventory app provides a central repository for your products and stock. It records movements in and out of your store locations as well as provides real-time reporting and product availability.


The Purchasing app records all your purchase transactions including supplier bills and payments. It also provides key reporting and statistics related to purchases and creditor management. This tool is also used to easily implement a purchase order (PO) system across your organisation.

In-Store POS

Customer-facing sales points benefit from the In-Store POS app to record sales transactions such as cash sales and payment receipts on the fly. This app is fully integrated with Inventory to record movement of stock, across multiple locations.


Track and record all cash transactions using this app for a global view of your cash accounts. This app provides a flexible cash-box based approach to allow you to
define and manage individual cash and bank accounts from one place.

General Ledger

At its core, Cloud ERP provides a solid accounting engine capable of recording all your transactions as well as generate reports such as VAT and trial-balance reporting.

API Open Integration

Cloud ERP provides an open and secure integration API that allows any third party software to connect and use our apps with their own environment using industry standards (REST) protocols.


Benefits At A Glance

  • Reliable cloud platform since 1996.
  • Fixed and predicatble monthly costs, no upfront investment.
  • Enhanced security and automated backups.
  • Full warranty on software bugs.
  • Regular free updates and improvements.
  • Tailored add-ons and apps available.


About Webcraft

As a leading web software house, Webcraft builds and operates business applications for companies of all sizes.  Our WorkSpace Cloud platform delivers a wide range of ready-made and tailored software systems for customers in the health, insurance, automotive and other sectors.