About Tomtom

Tomtom is a long established and respected retail business in London, well known for its fine cigars and premium coffee. The company has recently also added whisky to its (already impressive) range of luxury products as well as a vast selection of exquisite accessories such as cigar cutters, scented candles and tea sets.



Tomtom runs its own secure online shop (tomtom.co.uk) serving a loyal customer base within the UK but also from around the globe. The website is powered by Webcraft WorkSpace and displays high quality photography, detailed product descriptions, useful tips and guides. An easy 3-step shopping cart and checkout process makes placing orders easy and safe, including choice of shipping methods and online card payment.

‘Tomtom is a perfect example of how an efficient online business and online shop should work. I am thrilled to see how the team at Tomtom make good use of our tools and how they help their business succeed.’

Francesca Sultana, project manager at Webcraft.



Powered By WorkSpace Cloud

Tomtom have just completed their migration to Webcraft's brand new WorkSpace Cloud platform to take advantage of the latest platform features such as greatly improved user interface and support for mobile devices such as tablets for administration staff. The solution includes all the software apps and systems required to operate the online shop including order fulfillment, catalogue management and payment processing.

"We have been using WorkSpace for several years now and we find it such a friendly and useful software that we really need nothing else to run the online store. We also love the way the new version looks and performs."

Nigora, sales manager at Tomtom


About Webcraft

Webcraft provides full eCommerce packages for busineses of all sizes.  We power numerous online shops and ecommerce retailers around the world to provide a tailored store solution for each business as well as a full range of backoffice apps to run and administer operations inlcluding catalogue management, pricing, order processing and payment processing.