Webcraft WorkSpace is a web-based software platform that provides organisations with the real opportunity to integrate both their online as well as offline software systems into a single view of their business. This key integration provides our customers with a seamless workflow throughout their software systems, enhancing efficiency and flexibility through automation and reducing duplication of work.

Welcome to WorkSpace Cloud

Since 1996, WorkSpace has served a wide variety of customers around the world, in a variety of industries and sectors. Over the years, we have developed an extensive catalogue of business apps that are available off the shelf. From content management (CMS) to SMS text messaging, from billing to CRM apps, WorkSpace offers software tools that can bring together your online activities with your daily back-office operations.  In fact, today WorkSpace is an eco system of integrated business software applications that can span virtually all aspects of a business, entirely in the Cloud.


WorkSpace is also an ideal platform for deploying tailor-made software applications that can be designed and developed around the specific needs of your business. In fact, this is perhaps the most effective use of the WorkSpace platform since it enables your business software to work in unique ways to offer services that differentiate your business from the competition.  Hybrid solutions often make use of a combination of ready-made and tailored apps that become your unique business software environment.

Secure & Robust

By using WorkSpace to run your business applications, you automatically benefit from the robust technology platform and features included in the service. All WorkSpace solutions are designed for high-availability and reliability based on the state-of-the-art infrastructure of our data centre.

WorkSpace solutions are operated over secure servers and protected by advanced security measures for your peace of mind. Even more data transmissions are encrypted (indutsry standard SSL) to ensure confidentiality at all times. Daily backups, UPS & generator power backups, advanced fire detection & suppression systems and cutting edge network traffic management are only a few of the features WorkSpace users automatically enjoy.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Webcraft WorkSpace is designed to lower the real cost of owning and running your software systems. Since software is a quickly depreciating asset that will need to be replaced as new solutions and standards become available, WorkSpace offers you the opportunity to avoid purchasing software altogether. In fact, you will never need to own software at all, but simply to select the facilities you require from a vast menu of options available, and only pay for the service of the application you need.

Application Integration

Gallery 2Businesses running a number of software applications from different vendors often experience difficulties associated with interconnection and interoperation of these packages. Webcraft WorkSpace provides a smooth and central platform to operate diverse software systems on a common platform that ensures seamless integration. This results in a better utilisation of your software assets through automation and integration.

Flexibility and Rapid Deployment

Leveraging the selection of apps available over WorkSpace, all solutions can be tailored to meet your precise business requirements. In addition the WorkSpace development architecture provides for very rapid deployment times giving you a very short time-to-market.

Our Guarantee

All WorkSpace solutions are backed up by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) which includes full warranty and free upgrades. WorkSpace clients are also covered by our money-back uptime guarantee.

WorkSpace and your Business

Whatever the size of your business, Webcraft WorkSpace can be scaled to meet your needs. Small and medium sized organizations can benefit from WorkSpace by utilizing robust and cutting-edge solutions typically only affordable to larger organizations. Even more, as your business grows, WorkSpace can adapt to your growing requirements through a scalable service and a license model where you only pay for what you need.