What Is A Loyalty Strategy?

Businesses of all sizes strive to engage with their existing customers with the aim of retaining them as well as to gain new ones. An effective loyalty strategy involves ongoing activities that are designed to reward customers for their loyalty to your brand. This in turn reduces customer loss (to the competition) as well as results in new customer gains. Here is one way to do just that.

Introducing E-Vouchers

Some loyalty strategies and techniques work best in the traditional (offline) world, whilst others can be very effective within a digital (online) business. E-Vouchers enable you to run reward schemes for your customers though the Internet, on your website or eCommerce shop.

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An E-Voucher is a digital code or virtual certificate that can be issued to loyal customers as a reward for any action or a running campaign. Each of these codes can be redeemed once (single-use) in the form of discounts or other benefits directly on your online store or given away as gifts to others.

Key Features

  • Automated reward system generates electronic vouchers directly from your website or online shop
  • Issue and send out voucher codes manually or automatically upon an event, such as a purchase
  • Personalised voucher layout and branding
  • Track vouchers from issue to conversion
  • Assign a fixed term expiry for each voucher issued
  • Fully transferrable vouchers / gift certificates
  • Integrate voucher redemption directly on your website or using our open API