Since 2009, Webcraft has been working with the Malta Police Force to devise and develop technology tools with the aim of combating and preventing child abuse over the Internet. Following the successful rollout of the platform in Malta, in collaboration with the major ISPs in the country, Webcraft is pleased to unveil its latest cloud software during the CEPOL (European Police College) Cybercrime conference held in Malta during November.

“There is more at stake here than just the distribution of illegal images or movies.” says Keith Gauci, Webcraft CEO. “Behind every picture, there is a real person, a child and a victim of a horrible crime. As a parent myself, I think a lot can be done to turn the tables on those who abuse the freedom of the Internet for such crimes. Although we may never rid the web from this scourge, we are happy to note that we are making it harder for criminals and helping law enforcement in their work.”

The Malta Cybercrime unit makes use of the Webcraft WorkSpace platform to research and list known child abuse websites and content. The solution also links together local ISPs and other organisations on the Internet in an effort to hinder and block traffic to these sites.

“Our main goal is to protect innocent individuals from being directed to these websites through search engines or other sites and links. We also make it harder for organised child abuse rings to attract curious newcomers to their illegal dealings.” says Inspector Timothy Zammit of the Malta Cybercrime unit.

More information about this initiative and cybercrime contact information can be obtained from the Malta Cybercrime Unit at