Publishing great content on your website or blog is of course important to attract interested customers. However the challenge then is to convert some of these prospects into valuable sales leads. One critical element of an effective conversion strategy is the use of Call To Actions (CTAs). These are (often clickable) actions that lead a reader to take the next step in the sales process by opting to get in touch, download a demo or even make a purchase.

Call To Action

Go ButtonGood quality content (coupled with keyword management) will generate interest and bring in traffic from search engines, social media and other sources. A well designed post must contain a clear invitation to motivate viewers to take some form of action. Without such a call to action (CTA), casual browsers will simply move on and forget all about you and your message. On the other hand, a clear and effective CTA can generate a steady stream of warm sales leads that can be nurtured and converted by your sales team.

Campaign Management

The WorkSpace Campaign Management app is used to plan, schedule and run banner campaigns on the Internet. This tool is also used to create effective CTAs that can be used within your website or blog to act as conversion targets for your viewers. The app allows you to build your campaigns and then link them using our Targetting options with relevant content by means of keywords. This ensures that banners and CTAs shown on your pages are relevant to your readers and result in effective conversions.

Web Publisher

The WorkSpace Web Publisher app is a rich and flexible content management system (CMS) capable of publishing and managing content on websites, blogs etc. Web publishing is very different from traditional publishing and this app provides users with the tools needed to effectively publish content online, as well as leverage search engines, social media and other digital channels.

Web Publisher also provides advanced content targeting options that enable you to fine tune your published content by linking in-page, relevant calls to action (CTA). These actions are designed to convert casual readers into warm sales leads that your sales team can nurture and convert.