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Junior Web/Mobile Developer

Kick-start your career in software and the web.

Best Practices In Landing Pages

Here is how optimised landing pages can help you meet your sales targets.

#Blog - Inbound Marketing Platform

Find out how great content can generate new sales leads on the Internet.

10 Signs You Need To Revamp Your Website

First impressions are often ever lasting. Is your website giving a good or bad impression of your business?

How Our Blogging Platform Just Got Better

Find out the latest industry trends and must haves for an effective business blogging platform.

Do You Care About Bounce Rate?

Understanding your website bounce rate and why you should care.

What We Do?

Webcraft delivers truly effective web software solutions - websites, business apps and e-commerce.

Announcing TurnToWeb Cloud ERP

Web-Based Accounting for E-Commerce, mobile & in-store

Infinite Scroll

The good and the bad of the trend. Will it replace pagination on the web?