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How User Comments & Reviews Boost Traffic… and Sales

User comments are a simple and yet very effective way to boost interest and traffic on your website. Customers can contribute valuable content to your site as well as help you collect feedback and ideas.

About Webcraft

Find out about us - what we do and who we are.

Mobile Web

Mobile web targets your content and web applications directly onto your customers' mobile devices and phones.

BizGifts, by UV Print

BizGifts is a new online website providing the biggest selection of branded promotional merchandise in Malta, featuring hundreds of innovative gift ideas for businesses.

Content Targetting & CTAs

WorkSpace™ helps you target content on your blog or website to improve conversions.

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales & marketing is your game?

Webcraft Partner Network

Our Partner Network is designed for marketing agencies, training companies and other organisations that wish to add technology solutions to their portfolio.

Projects Executive

Looking for an exciting career in software and the Internet?

Google Moves To Kill Weak SSL Certification

Google Chrome outlines how it intends to kill off SSL certificates using outdated encryption.