Choosing and registering your domain name (such as is often the very first step in establishing and running a business on the Internet. Your domain makes it easy to reach millions of potential customers out there and to do business online.

Since 1996, Webcraft offers a full domain registration and management service for organisations all around the world, including a vast range of top level domains (TLD) such as .COM .NET and .ORG. We also handle many popular country TLDs such as .CO.UK and .MT.

Our Partners

Webcraft is an authorised representative for world leading domain registrars and domain service providers such as Go Daddy, Thawte and Open SRS.  We handle all new registrations, transfers and other operations whilst providing a single point of contact and administration to our clients.

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Beyond registration, our domain management services include DNS hosting and other ancillary services required for trouble-free operation once you get started.