Why Choose Inspire?

Inspire brings together a wide range of tools that are essential to publish, store and manage your brand assets across a dispersed audience, such as internal departments, partners and external agencies. The web-based platform puts you in control of a central repository for all your digital assets such as imagery, logos, photos and key documents. In addition, the platform enables you to easily push and control access to content and your resources as well as keep your repository up-to-date.

Inspire is also convenient and easy to use for your users, making it the natural reference for all ongoing marketing activities, anywhere and anytime. The platform also acts as a smooth messaging channel to encourage collaboration and communication between users and your management.

 publish, manage, share, collaborate

Central Repository

Inspire is designed to quickly become the official centralised store for all approved brand assets for your organisation. Digital files and documents can all be located and organised within the platform for instant retrieval and reference, avoiding duplication and missed updates. Your marketing team will maintain the repository whenever new assets are approved for use or when updates are released.


Universal Access

Any user connected to the Internet, using a desktop workstation, tablet or smartphone is able to make full use of all the functionality and access all resources, at the office or on the road. Inspire ensures that your brand is constantly accessible at your fingertips.


Media Formats

A wide range of media formats are supported including common image types such as JPG, GIF and PNG, documents such as DOC, DOCX and PDF etc. Video formats are also supported via video streaming networks YouTube and Vimeo, allowing you to add your digital video media directly within your repositories.


Access Control

Open up your assets to all your users by setting up public repositories or manage user group permissions in private repositories for flexibility and easy control of access to your resources.


Dynamic Organisation

Create your own repositories on the fly, with deep folder structures to organise your assets as you need. You may also easily move assets around within your folders using a handy cut and paste process.


Asset Tagging and Searching

Finding assets within your archives is made easy using our powerful search engine allowing users to locate items by their search keywords. In addition, you may create your own grouping tags to create asset groups to link and group assets by their type, topic or other criteria.


Branded Portal & Login Screen

The Inspire platform can be fully branded with your own corporate brand featuring your logo across the portal as well as on the login screen. The portal can also run on your own registered internet domain name for a fully branded experience for your users.


Automatic Version Control

As you update and maintain your assets, Inspire can take care of keeping track of history and previous versions for you in the background. Whenever an asset is updated, the previous asset will be archived and remains available to users from the History screen.


Instant Messaging & Support Tickets

Users can place short request messages to communicate with your organisation about media assets or brand related requests. Each ticket is routed to your staff for processing and responding directly within the platform, encouraging smooth and effective 2-way communication between all parties. Requests for support or assistance can also be handled in this way making the messaging channel an effective and lightweight method to support your users.