Over the years we have worked with a large number of marketing and advertising agencies on all sorts of projects bringing their ideas to life on the Internet and providing them with the technology to power their projects. Our experience shows us that this partnership results in the best value to the customer and ensures that projects are successful from both the marketing and technical aspects.

Webcraft Partner Network

Webcraft’s Partner Network is an ecosystem of business service providers that team up with us to enhance their portfolio and propositions to their own client base. This is particularly effective for marketing and advertising companies who want to retain control over their marketing strategy and management for their clients, without having to invest in the technology and infrastructure themselves. By outsourcing their technical requirements, our partners get to power their marketing ideas using our cutting edge, cloud based tools to provide their clients with effective solutions. We also provide training, guidance and marketing support to make the partnership work smoothly for you.

Webcraft Partner Network 2

Digital Marketing

Marketing has today effectively merged with the Internet, diverting an enormous chunk of your clients’ budgets to the online media. Websites, e-Commerce, social media and pay-per-click advertising are just some of the new channels where companies are spending their money to attract new business, and run online campaigns. This is why marketing companies must be able to include high-tech digital solutions within their propositions, to remain competitive as well as to ensure they get results for their clients.

The Benefits

Our partners gain instant access to a wide range of software tools and solutions that can be easily incorporated within your own marketing proposals. These tools are designed to put you in control of the roll out and execution of your ideas, enabling your organisation to offer a truly comprehensive service.

Why Webcraft

There are thousands of vendors and software products out there to choose from. Here are some reasons why we think you should work team up with us:

Track record & experience
We have been working closely with marketing & advertising agencies for the past 15 years, delivering successful projects to clients around the world.

Our Product Portfolio
Webcraft offers a very wide range of web-enabled software solutions including websites, e-commerce and mobile web. Apart from our range of ready-made apps, we also develop tailor made software systems to meet specific client needs. Participating partners will be able to resell and embed our software services within their own sales proposals from day one to offer to their existing clients or attract new business.

One Stop Shop
Working with multiple suppliers to provide all the technology components for your projects can be very stressful. Hosting, development, e-commerce, CMS and mobile are just some of the services you may require. Just imagine having to coordinate with different suppliers to deliver your final product. On the other hand, Webcraft provides a one-stop-shop offering you all the tools and services you need fro one place. In addition we also include training and support.

WorkSpace™ Cloud
WorkSpace™ is our popular web-enabled platform which you will use to access all your apps and data. This easy-to-use cloud software will quickly become familiar with your staff and can be used to operate all aspects of your solutions, all from one place.

We Add Value
Our software tools can either be sold to your clients who will make use of them to run their online website or digital services. On the other hand, some of our partners use these tools themselves to increase their internal efficiency to manage web solutions for their clients as part of their overall marketing service. Think about it, it makes perfect sense to your clients to expect a full service marketing solution whereby you can have direct control over all aspects of their website and Internet marketing such as loading content and banners, running online offers and routing or responding to sales enquiries. This in turn adds a new revenue stream for your own business.

Approved partners can instantly co-brand their sales and marketing material with the Webcraft and Partner Network brands. This enables you to instantly add weight to your proposals by leveraging on the Webcraft brand, marketing support and portfolio.

Bottom Line

At Webcraft, we speak your language. By working closely with marketing companies like your own, we have learnt to communicate and support your business. We truly understand marketing and can work with you as partners on your projects. We know that you don’t want techno hype but effective real world solutions that make sense to you and your clients.