How To Find Us

Our head-office is located in Zebbug, Malta (EU). We occupy the ground floor of the modern and iconic Central Business Centre on the main arterial road through the town of Zebbug, on the way to Rabat and the old capital city of Malta, Mdina.

We are within 15 mins drive from the Malta airport in Luqa. Simply follow the northern main route from the airport following signs to Rabat and Zebbug. Our offices will be on your left just before leaving Zebbug on Mdina Road.

Business In Malta

Malta is a remarkable place for business. As a full member of the European Union (EU) since 2004, the country enjoys access to the EU bloc and is particularly close to Italy due its proximity as well as the United Kingdom for historical reasons.

The business environment is stable and safe and in general follows EU standards and regulations. Malta also provides a number of unique fiscal and business incentives designed to attract foreign businesses to our shores in specific business areas.

Telecommunications and IT infrastructure in Malta are excellent. The island is served by multiple submarine data and voice transit cables, operated by multiple operators offering high quality Intrernet connectivity and redundancy.

After Work

Malta is a unique and friendly place to live and work and offers all the benefits of a small mediterranean island. The weather here is warm nearly all year round and the island is a popular destination for beach and family holidays.

The Maltese night scene provides ample dining and entertainment facilities, particularly during the summer months where tourism is a thriving industry.