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About Webcraft

Find out about us - what we do and who we are.

Focus On Conversions

A look at how to get more out of your web visitors by improving conversion rates.

How An Online Business Fails

What are the top mistakes that make an online business plan fail?

What Should Your Business Do About The Covid-19 Outbreak

Tips for surviving the virus, and emerge stronger.

TheGofer.com featured as a success story at MCA eCommerce Forum

Powered by Webcraft technology, the popular online shopping site was showcased by the MCA during the latest eCommerce forum event held in Malta.

4 reasons why your website needs SSL now

SSL certification has been around for many years now and ecommerce and leading websites have long adopted this technology. SSL has now become mainstream, and is widely adopted by most websites today for good reason. As at July 2019 over 53% of all websites were already using SSL.

Why Google Analytics Rocks!

Some little-known reasons why every website should make use of Google Analytics.