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Web Publisher

Publish and manage rich media sites and pages on the web, taking full control on your online website or blog.

Featured Partners

Meet some of our partners and find out how we work together.

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales & marketing is your game?

Part Time Accounts Executive

We are looking for people to join our accounts team. Is this for you?


An online voucher system that rewards your loyal customers.

Best Practices In Landing Pages

Here is how optimised landing pages can help you meet your sales targets.

Website Design & Development

The Internet is truly a great opportunity to start, grow and expand your business. Webcraft develops tailor-made websites that meet the needs of your business, whatever the size or industry.

BizGifts, by UV Print

BizGifts is a new online website providing the biggest selection of branded promotional merchandise in Malta, featuring hundreds of innovative gift ideas for businesses.

Webcraft Data Centre

Webcraft delivers mission critical business software solutions. Learn more about our safe and reliable infrastructure that runs your business.