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Choosing A Domain Name

A little help with selecting a new domain name for your business.

CRM Messenger

Collect, process and track communications with your customers over the Internet. Streamline messaging by using one central cloud based messaging tool that replaces your email software for your entire team.

InvestingInWater.Org - Online Water Saving Tool

Webcraft develops dedicated water awareness website for the Malta Business Bureau and the EU Life+ project.

How An Online Business Fails

What are the top mistakes that make an online business plan fail?

TheGofer.com featured as a success story at MCA eCommerce Forum

Powered by Webcraft technology, the popular online shopping site was showcased by the MCA during the latest eCommerce forum event held in Malta.

Webcraft Data Centre

Webcraft delivers mission critical business software solutions. Learn more about our safe and reliable infrastructure that runs your business.

Google Analytics 4: The Future of Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular web analytics service that enables website owners to track and analyze user behavior on their websites. Google Analytics has undergone significant changes over the years, with the latest version, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), designed to provide a more complete understanding of user behavior across multiple devices and platforms. As Google prepares to retire version 3 of Google Analytics, this paper explores the key features of GA4, its benefits, and the impact on website owners as they migrate to the new platform.

Multi-Regional & Multi-Lingual websites

The myths, pitfalls and best practices…

Why Exit Intent Campaigns Just Work

Running exit intent campaigns improves customer engagement and conversions.